Friday, March 6, 2009

Yamaha Launches New FZ-S, Priced at Rs.67000 | New FZS Photos, Pictures, Images

Yamaha Launches New FZ-S, Priced at Rs.67000 | New FZS Photos, Pictures, Images

Riding high on the success of FZ16, Yamaha India launched new and stylish version FZ-S on 2nd March, 2009 in new colors and with added graphics. Yamaha FZ16 has been highly successful and popular in the Indian market from the time its launch and winning lot of awards.

Yamaha FZ-S is not a new bike but some minor modification of hot-selling FZ-16, with modds to the headlights, new colours and graphics. New FZ-S is looking muscular and macho.

The new Yamaha FZ-S will come in two colors, Black Yellow Streak and Silver Red Tech, aechaerodynamic windshield, sporty carbon pattern meter console, and an aggressive headlight.

Yamaha FZ-S Price: Rs. 67,000/- (Ex Showroom)

New Yamaha FZ-S Photos, Pictures, Images:

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vivek said...

hi riders, fz lovers this is vivek its been 2 months n I'm enjoying ma ride on fzs n here is bit suggestion for you guys....
after 2nd service day itself in service point i installed k&n filter model rc1060 which cost me Rs.1550.. after it i think no words to say about it its really a monster as it wanna just go n rule the roads.. yaaaa great pik up n surprisingly i'm getting mileage 45 - 47 in city ride n 50 - 52 on highways but for sure it depends on ur riding style n the mileage will not gets down at all.. as i felt n following maintain the speed in btwn 60 - 70 to get good mileage if you maintain the speed 50-60 u'l get around 45-47.. n let me make a note its not actually depends on speed or gear its actually the rpm for best results be @ 4k-6k rpm where you"ll get good mileage..... thank you guys try it out ma suggestion cos it works....

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